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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, the camera guy is still rolling… It's Raining, It's Pouring, the camera guy is still rolling...

Ever been caught out in the rain? Well here at Hammer Lighting & Grip we have the lights that make a splash and keep dry at the same time. Both our Jab Hurricane & Hurricane JR have water-tight sealed housings which are ideal when shooting in a downpour. Check out the video below and rent one for next springtime shoot.

Follow that Focus Follow that Focus

          NEW in our rental inventory, is our Red Rock Micro Wireless Follow Focus system! Never again do you have to feel tethered to the camera to achieve perfect focus during a shot. The microRemote Wireless Focus brings an entirely new level of performance to professional-level focus control systems. Unlike other products that rely on a specific camera or lens combination, the microRemote is a universal focusing solution, and works on virtually every camera and lens. This is especially valuable as your needs and cameras evolve with each project or even with each shot. It’s the ideal solution … Continue reading

Easy Lifting Accessory for the MOVI Easy Lifting Accessory for the MOVI

New to our rental inventory is our Ready Rig GS. This gimbal stabilizer vest takes the load off of the arms and allows the operator to focus on what matters. This becomes an absolute must for those long takes and longer days. The simple design accommodates for a variety of camera stabilizers, including the MOVI by Freefly Systems and the Ronin. Here are some key features: – The quick-release straps allow for attaching and removing the gimbal instantly. – The waist support system evenly distributes the weight across your hips. – When in use, the rear accessory plate functions to pull … Continue reading