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Covid Equipment now available for rental!

Covid Gear! We have it here! Check out all the ways we have to keep your set sanitized and working. Location Stations: Easy to use Location Stations allow you to have hand sanitizer anywhere on set. These Location Stations mount on stands, e-track and more!   They are also automatic so there is no need for contact. Fluid available for purchase with your Location Stations.     Electrostatic Disinfectant Applicators: Electrostatic disinfectant applicators for rental! Super easy to use with professional grade results. Anybody on the job can be trained to use this in just a few minutes. Cordless, rechargeable, refillable, … Continue reading

MOCO now available at Hammer Lighting & Grip! MOCO now available at Hammer Lighting & Grip!

  Ever wanted to shoot with motorized camera movement? Time-lapse or precise repetitive camera movements required? Then MOCO, or motion control camera movement is the answer. Hammer Lighting & Grip now offers the solution. Featured in the video above is our new MYT Motor Line option for our MYT Works Level 5 and Constellation pipe dollies. The MYT Motor Line comes with a motorized skatewheel module that is easily swap-able for one of the existing standard skates on either our MYT Works Level 5, or our MYT Works Constellation dolly.      The built-in limit switches allow for easy calibration … Continue reading

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, the camera guy is still rolling… It's Raining, It's Pouring, the camera guy is still rolling...

Ever been caught out in the rain? Well here at Hammer Lighting & Grip we have the lights that make a splash and keep dry at the same time. Both our Jab Hurricane & Hurricane JR have water-tight sealed housings which are ideal when shooting in a downpour. Check out the video below and rent one for next springtime shoot.