Lighting , Grip, and Cameras, OH MY!

The people have spoken, and our rental house has listened. We at Hammer Lighting & Grip have officially expanded our line of inventory into camera land. We have always provided our clients with anything they could possibly want up to the base of the camera. Now we can provide even more of a “one-stop-shop” to all of your production needs. The new line up includes a complete set of Canon L-Series Prime lenses. We have every Canon EOS mount prime L-series lens from 14mm rectilinear, up to 300mm. Each L-series prime can be rented at just $30 per day. Besides our prime line up, we also feature the ever-popular Canon 70-200mm 2.8 with Image Stabilizer.

Need more than just a lens? How about adding a Canon 5D mkIII to your next order. Complete with 22.3MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor and dual CF and SD memory card slot. Already have a 5D? How about picking up an optional battery grip or spare batteries. We have a wide range of large-capacity CF memory cards and lens filters too! Thinking of trying your hand at timelapse photography? Why not add the Canon TC-80N3 interval shutter release timer to your next order.

We also have a complete selection of specialty hdmi cables and field monitors available. Our 7″ Ikan monitor is the perfect addition to your camera package for on-board monitoring. If you need a screen big enough for the whole camera department, try out our new Flanders Scientific 17” monitor with field package. An all-in-one carrying case and functioning monitor housing.

Whether you’re renting a DSLR package, or a GoPro package for more adventurous shots, we at Hammer Lighting & Grip are here to support your creative visions. Be sure to swing by the shop or click here to see what new toys you can rent today!


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