We’re playing with dollies over here again

If you haven’t had one of our new “pipe dollies” on one of you jobs yet you don’t know what you’re missing. I saw these at the NAB show last year and just had to have them. I was probably more excited about these than I’ve been about any equipment recently. They’re so well made, versatile and they just look so cool. MYT Works is a little company from New York and their motto is “Born out of frustration.” Frustration with how poorly products like this have worked in the past. Frustration with how “home made” so much of it has looked. Frustration with how crude it had been and how it lacked versatility. They really went out of their way to make two great products. The Constellation (http://www.mytworks.com/products/galaxy-line/myt-constellation-camera-platform-system/) is the big brother and is the wider, more stable of the two. It puts our custom black-anodized (so you won’t see them in reflections) pipe rails (available in 4′ to 12′ lengths) on a 12″ on-center width. This offers you a wide stance plate that can accept anything from a 100mm ball tripod head up to a Mitchell Mount head. It has a slew of features including tons of threaded holes for accessory mounting and nice wooden handles to push with. MYT has designed “trusses” (http://store.mytworks.com/galaxy-line/speed-rail-trusses-for-galaxy-dolly-systems) to secure the pipe and allow you to put it anywhere you can dream of. On the ground? Fine. 3′, 4′ 12′ off the ground? Fine. Do with it whatever you want. It has a baby pin receiver on the bottom and our kits include the rosette adapters to attach little feet to the trusses for uneven surfaces.

Baby brother is the Level 5 (http://www.mytworks.com/products/galaxy-line/myt-level-5-camera-support-system/). It has most of the same features of the Constellation but it does it on 8″ on-center track instead. But wait, it also includes Turret Leg Extenders that allow it to use 12″ wide track! The trusses accommodate either width so you can literally tailor this thing to do anything you want. With the middle trusses we include in our kits you can even support the middle of a track run to take out any “sag” and not interfere with the wheels. It still does everything the constellation would do except in the heaviest of situations. We also bought the MYT Skate(http://www.mytworks.com/products/glide/skate/). This little dolly pairs well with the use of the Level 5 and its Hi-Hat. It’s available separately but makes a great addition to the package.
Both dolly packages are sent out in really slick custom cut cases following one of my often heard phrases: “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.” IMG_20140414_153438336_HDR
Oh, and I almost forgot the coolest feature! The wheels that ride on the outside surfaces of the track are under spring tension. This causes them to grip the track and help prevent an unintended topple of the rig off onto the floor. No other “pipe dolly” manufacturer does this. I also heard from MYT more recently that they’ll be releasing a bracket that is an even more positive stop to guarantee that it can’t come off.
Check out this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFmQy_9df7o#t=15
Stop by for a demo, or if you’re already convinced, order one on your next job!


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