Inflate – A – Light (Airstar Balloon)

Did you know we have a balloon that inflates to five feet in diameter and lights up with 2000 watts? The Airstar Crystal 160 is a giant soft lighting source that is inflated and sustained by an internal fan. The fan has both high and low speeds that can be switched down after the initial inflation to help with sound. Inside the inflated white ball are two 1,000 watt halogen bulbs, which can only be lit once fully inflated (for your safety).  China balls have nothing on this huge, softly lit globe. The best part is that it packs down into a small tote for travel. This product is featured on the Airstar website as a great method for event lighting for large crowds. What most customers do not realize however, is that it can be mounted on both a light stand, and underslung from a junior pipe clamp. This allows you to make use of all sides of this light source, while hiding it above and out of frame, similar to a spacelight fixture.

Stand Mounted:

Airstar 3Airstar 4

Underslung Mounted:

Airstar 1Airstar 2

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