Covid Equipment now available for rental!

Covid Gear! We have it here! Check out all the ways we have to keep your set sanitized and working. Location Stations: Easy to use Location Stations allow you to have hand sanitizer anywhere on set. These Location Stations mount on stands, e-track and more!   They are also automatic so there is no need for contact. Fluid available for purchase with your Location Stations.     Electrostatic Disinfectant Applicators: Electrostatic disinfectant applicators for rental! Super easy to use with professional grade results. Anybody on the job can be trained to use this in just a few minutes. Cordless, rechargeable, refillable, … Continue reading

Par for the course

Par for the course

Fore! As in, sometimes I feel like I need to hit people in the head with a golf club to make them adopt better technology. The one that has come to mind a lot recently is the comparison between the age-old 1K par lamp and the newer Source Four PAR fixture. Now, first, lets be clear that I’m talking about ETC’s Source Four PAR and not the Source Four Ellipsoidal (Leko) fixture that so many folks associate with the Source Four name. Next we’ll use the tired and tested Mole-Richardson 1K Molepar as the base model for comparison of photometric … Continue reading

We’re playing with dollies over here again

We're playing with dollies over here again

If you haven’t had one of our new “pipe dollies” on one of you jobs yet you don’t know what you’re missing. I saw these at the NAB show last year and just had to have them. I was probably more excited about these than I’ve been about any equipment recently. They’re so well made, versatile and they just look so cool. MYT Works is a little company from New York and their motto is “Born out of frustration.” Frustration with how poorly products like this have worked in the past. Frustration with how “home made” so much of it … Continue reading

LED’s are changing the face of lighting

I’m continually amazed, maybe even startled, at how the LED revolution is transforming our business. Over the last two years we’ve added more LED fixtures to our inventory than I can keep track of in my head. In the beginning LED’s were basically confined to the flood light category. The LitePanel 1×1 revolutionized the market and is in the flood lamp category. Soon LitePanels made the 1×1 in the Spot series which behaved more like a par light. Then along came Aadyn Tech  with the very powerful Punch Plus and soon after its little brother the Jab (and the waterproof Jab … Continue reading