MOCO now available at Hammer Lighting & Grip!



Ever wanted to shoot with motorized camera movement? Time-lapse or precise repetitive camera movements required? Then MOCO, or motion control camera movement is the answer. Hammer Lighting & Grip now offers the solution. Featured in the video above is our new MYT Motor Line option for our MYT Works Level 5 and Constellation pipe dollies.motorized-skater-dolly-profile

The MYT Motor Line comes with a motorized skatewheel module that is easily swap-able for one of the existing standard skates on either our MYT Works Level 5, or our MYT Works Constellation dolly.


constellation_universal_camera_dolly_kit_configured   level_5_skater_dolly_universal_rental_house_kitThe built-in limit switches allow for easy calibration and allow unlimited possibilities for length of camera dolly movement. No Cables! No cables, mean no restrictions. The motor module can be powered off of the camera for a lighter load, or can be powered by its integrated gold-mount battery plate. The included Nexus 7 tablet contains the user-friendly App to program the dolly movement. The dolly module can be programmed via WiFi or hard-wired with the included cable. Linear movement not enough for you? How about adding on a MOVI M10?

Movi M10 with Epic - Banner With the latest update by Freefly Systems, both hyperlapse and time-lapse controls are now available. At Hammer Lighting & Grip, ask us how to mount your MOVI to our motorized dolly options for even more possibilities! Come by to check them our and rent them for your next production!

Par for the course

Par for the course

Fore! As in, sometimes I feel like I need to hit people in the head with a golf club to make them adopt better technology. The one that has come to mind a lot recently is the comparison between the age-old 1K par lamp and the newer Source Four PAR fixture. Now, first, lets be clear that I’m talking about ETC’s Source Four PAR and not the Source Four Ellipsoidal (Leko) fixture that so many folks associate with the Source Four name. Next we’ll use the tired and tested Mole-Richardson 1K Molepar as the base model for comparison of photometric … Continue reading

Ringlite Mini

Ringlite Mini

Say you are shooting with your camera and wish you had an ultra-light weight soft source light to apply to your camera. Well, we have THAT light just for you. This ideal on-camera beauty light provides the same luxurious level of luminous soft, directional output in a cost-effective package. Also, for Steadicam work, the Ringlite mini is an excellent way to follow and track your subject with a soft consistent beautiful light source.                                          

Now Renting CELEB 200 & CELEB 400 LED’s


NOW RENTING KinoFlo’s brand new LED Celeb 200 and Celeb 400 fixtures!

         Similar in size to the 2×4 and 4×4 Kinos, both the Celeb 200 and 400 produce a soft, broad wraparound light quality (CRI 95) and produce color faithfully, beautifully on HD or film, in the studio or on location. The Celeb boasts technical innovations: dial-in white light from 2700 to 5500 Kelvin and presets with programmable settings; full range dimming without flicker or color shift. Light levels do not change when selecting Kelvin settings.

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Celeb 200 & 400 DMX LED Features:

• Includes five button kelvin presets as well as

custom dial-in temperatures between 2700-5500K

• Can use the preset buttons to store custom Kelvin settings

• Full Range Onboard and DMX dimming

• Flicker-free, dead quiet operation

• Center Mount, Yoke Mount and Pole-Op

• Universal Input 100VAC-240VAC or 24VDC

• Color-correct with high color rendering index (CRI 95)

• Universal Input 100VAC-240VAC or 24VDC

• Energy efficient, draws less than 1A, 120VAC

• No color shift while dimming

• All-in-one metal alloy design with built-in electronics

• Fixture includes Gel Frame and 90° Honeycomb Louver

• Lightweight, slim profile

• Mounts to stand or can hang easily from a grid

• Accessory molded corners also used for four-point rope hang


                                CLICK HERE TO RENT THEM TODAY!



It’s the new way to steer!

Come check out our latest Doorway Dolly! The new Round-d-Round Doorway Dolly from Modern Studio Equipment is the next generation in Doorway Dolly development. Based on the industry proven designed and engineered Modern Doorway Dolly, the new Round-d-Round model offers all-wheel steering which allows for greater turning flexibility and will turn in a tight 6 foot (2 meter) circle. Steering from both ends of the dolly will allow unlimited camera positioning as the dolly rolls on dolly track (with a set of skateboard wheels) or on the ground with the standard pneumatic rubber tires. Load capacity is over 1100 pounds (500kg) and … Continue reading

LED’s are changing the face of lighting

I’m continually amazed, maybe even startled, at how the LED revolution is transforming our business. Over the last two years we’ve added more LED fixtures to our inventory than I can keep track of in my head. In the beginning LED’s were basically confined to the flood light category. The LitePanel 1×1 revolutionized the market and is in the flood lamp category. Soon LitePanels made the 1×1 in the Spot series which behaved more like a par light. Then along came Aadyn Tech  with the very powerful Punch Plus and soon after its little brother the Jab (and the waterproof Jab … Continue reading

Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to the new, improved Hammer Lighting and Grip website! While the site may have changed, we’re still Indiana’s leader for all of your lighting and grip equipment needs. And now we’ve made it easier than ever for you to browse our inventory, reserve equipment, do business with us, and more. Our goals in creating the new site were simple: show off our great equipment and make it easy to find what you need. We also wanted to create a vehicle to give you industry updates, product news, and expert opinions related to all aspects of the production business. Follow … Continue reading