Equipment For Sale


Would you buy a Ferrari from a guy in a leisure suit or from a winner of the Indy 500? Well, we ask the same question when we see people buy lighting gear from online stores. Wouldn’t you rather buy from someone who uses the lights or fromsomebody in a dimly lit warehouse in the Bronx?

We know lights because that’s what we do! We’ve tried them, rented them, repaired them, and sometimes even driven over them (hence the repairs)! No, we don’t have a big fancy online retail site and unfortunately you can’t place your order with us at 4 a.m. What we do have is some nice, friendly folks that’ll blow you away with their intimate knowledge of every fixture right down to the temperature of the lamp socket.

We sell many of the big-name brands and several that we think are hidden treasures at a good value. And we have most of what we sell in our rental inventory–and we back up our sales with loaner rental units (pending availability). We guarantee that that guy in the Bronx won’t help you when it breaks and you have a shoot the next day.

Need more reasons to buy from Hammer Lighting & Grip?

  • MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing)- MAP agreements were put into place to keep internet retailers from leveraging their volume buying power with manufacturers to get lower front-end pricing and then passing along that lower pricing to the customer. The net result was lower pricing than anyone else (especially brick and mortar stores) could compete with. Iteffectively created a monopoly of internet retailers. Most manufacturers now have MAP agreements in place with all dealers. The MAP pricing was put into place in order to empower the brick and mortar dealers (like Hammer Lighting & Grip) that almost always do a better job supporting the manufacturers’ products. So, internet retailers can only sell to you at the Minimum Advertised Price. However, if you call or email Hammer Lighting & Grip directly we can help you through the purchasing process with our experience, advice, and usually lower pricing because we don’t ADVERTISE that pricing.


  • Rental Redundancy- If you buy something from us and it breaks during the warranty period, we’ll give you a substitute from our rental division for free until yours gets fixed.


  • Local repairs- We can fix many things in-house. If it’s no longer under warranty bring it to us. If you break it, it’s likely that another customer of ours has broken it before. We probably have parts on hand and we have the lowest labor rates we’ve ever heard of. Then, you don’t have to box up that equipment and send it to some far-off place, spend tons for shipping, and wait weeks to get it back.


  • The Fastest Service- Need something tomorrow? In a real pinch? Wanted to buy but waited too long? Let’s talk. If you buy from us, we can work out a sweet deal on the rental this time. Then you get the best of both worlds.


  • We’re local- We care about you. We care about your repeat business. We want you to succeed. We pay taxes that support our community. We support local charities.  We support local filmmakers. We ARE local!