Featured Equipment

Grip Trucks

Every lighting rental company in the country has grip trucks. They’re the bread of the lighting sandwich. They are the basic building block for a great lighting package and how you’ll get all of the other gear to your job. That’s where the similarities stop. Ours are better. Here’s why.  Learn more.

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Dollies and Camera Support

We have a lot of ways to move your camera–and if you don’t see what you were thinking of in our list, then please call us. We’ve designed and built many different ways to achieve what our customers want over the years. Learn more.


120/208/240, single-phase, three-phase, you name it, we’ve got it. We have some really nice generators and they’re all vewy, vewy quiet (shhh, we’re hunting for wabbits)! We don’t have ANY of those old, rusty, noisy, rattle-trap jalopies you’ll find at some of the other places. Learn more.

Covid Equipment

We have several ways to keep your set sanitized from hand wash stations and hand sanitizer Location Stations to electrostatic sprayer and clear floppies that are all available for rental.