Covid Equipment

Location Stations

Easy to use Location Stations allow you to have hand sanitizer anywhere on set. These Location Stations mount on stands, e-track and more!



They are also automatic so there is no need for contact. Fluid available for purchase with your Location Stations.



Electrostatic Disinfectant Applicators

Electrostatic disinfectant applicators for  rental! Super easy to use with professional grade results. Anybody on the job can be trained to use this in just a few minutes. Cordless, rechargeable, refillable, and all in a small, convenient, package. We also stock the fluid and can show you how to use it if you’d like.



Portable Sinks

These portable sinks make hand washing easy on set. They come supplies with soap so all you have to do is just add water!

Clear Floppies

These Clear Floppies allow you be on set with a protective barrier you can see and hear through.