Dollies and Camera Support

Now featuring the Movi M10 camera stabilizer by Freefly Systems! m10

This 3-axis gimbal takes out all of the unwanted bumps and jolts normally caused by handheld camera movements. The rental package includes a 5″ monitor, an assortment of video cables, multiple gimbal batteries, a Kindle tablet loaded with the freefly app to fine tune your movements, as well as a DX8 radio controller. In majestic mode, the operator carries the gimbal while the camera movements are based off of body motion. In remote mode, you can have someone carry the movi, while the camera operator uses the DX8 controller for panning and tilting the camera. The M10 can carry a variety of camera payloads from DSLRs, to RED Epic or Canon C300. Of course the key behind and camera stabilizer is proper balance. Have further questions about the Movi, or want to schedule a training course before your rental? Just give us a shout.

TIP: Looking for a hothead for your jib? Ask us about mounting the Movi for a variety of applications. Our quick-release system makes it a snap. Go from Jib hothead to handheld in seconds! 

We have many other ways to move your camera as well, including the famous Fisher hammer-image110 and Fisher 11 Dollies, Matthews Doorway Dolly, Bungee-Cam, Seven Jib, Slider, Skatewheel/Skateboard Dolly, Pipe Dolly, and a few other creative ways to get the shot you need.

And if you don’t see what you were thinking of in our list, then please call us. We’ve designed and built many different ways to achieve what our customers want over the years.

The fact is, we like to play with dollies…but, shhh, don’t tell our wives.

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