Grip Trucks

Every lighting rental company in the country has grip trucks. They’re the bread of the lighting sandwich. They are the basic building block for a great lighting package and how you’ll get all of the other gear to your job.

That’s where the similarities stop.

Our trucks are a little on the heavy side. Do they need to go on a diet? Of course not! Over the years, and from listening to our customers, we’ve found that our trucks include more tasty treats than anyone else offers. Check out the lists and compare! What we call a 5-ton, most others would call a 7- or 10-ton. What we put on our little 1-ton trucks (that have lift gates) many other companies would call a 2-ton or 3-ton package. We give you more for your money. It’s nice clean gear and it’s well maintained.

We also include a lot of timesaving amenities: big lift gates, fully illuminated interiors and jockey boxes, newer trucks with low mileage, carts, and everything labeled so your crew doesn’t waste time looking for widgets. Give us the stopwatch test. We bet we’re saving you a lot of money and you didn’t even know it.

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5ton-interior2small 5 Ton copy

5-Ton Truck

Day Rate : $575.00

We call it a 5-ton but we give you so much more! Our 5-ton packages compare to others’ 7-ton or even 10-ton trucks. It’s the best deal in the fleet too, with five times as many tasty treats as a 1-ton! Oh, and this thing can really haul some…stuff. Two frames of every size from 6×6 to 20×20, a full complement of textiles that are included in the price (something most other companies don’t do), two carts full of c-stands, a very nice single- AND three-phase distro package, an aisle wide enough for an opera singer, and enough capacity to haul 3,300 lbs of other stuff you’d like to rent from us. It also includes over $8,000 worth of bill-as-used expendables. Most of it is on wheels and the liftgate is so big you could park two Mini-Coopers on it. Big enough for a small feature film or your next commercial, get a 5-ton and do the job right without blowing the budget.



4-Ton Truck

Day Rate: $500.00

What do you do when you need a 3-ton but you want some big lights and a distro package? You get a 4-ton! Our 4-ton package has a little of everything and a lot more than you’d expect. It’s the smallest truck that comes with a complete Camlock and Bates power distribution package. Make no mistake though, this is a full-featured truck that often gets complemented by one of our generators and a couple of “big guns.” It has frames from 6×6 to 20×20 and enough shot bags to keep ‘em on the ground (we prefer that). Haul twice the weight of a 3-ton for only 50 bucks more and feel like you’re a really driving a big rig too! What a deal!


3 Ton - Interior3ton - side view

3-Ton Truck

Day Rate: $425.00

Indy is the racing capitol of the world, right? Well, we thought you’d like a grip truck that is just as fast! It loads fast and moves quick thanks to lots of shelving, great custom carts, and plenty of space. It fits nicely on jobs that need more aisle for things like a dolly, hampers full of directors chairs, or our exclusive “kino cart.” It hauls more thanks to a HUGE weight capacity too. A great plug-in-the-wall truck for those fast-paced jobs with 15 company moves. You won’t have to put Aunt Edna on the roof when you take this truck. There’s plenty of room inside.


1 Ton Interior

1-Ton Truck

Day Rate: $375.00

This is not your mother’s minivan. It’s not your average grip van package. It’s a corporate video producer’s dream. It’s a perfect fit for a small commercial–a baby version of a real bona fide grip truck. It still has a lift gate, carts for the gear, a 12×12 set, an 8×8 set, and all of the basics you’d expect. Renting a van package no longer means “doing with less.” Take this little guy with you wherever you go. City parking? No problem. Long hauls across the country? It loves the road. Off-road on the Rubicon trail? Ok, maybe not, but it will do a lot for just a little, so give it a try.